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[News] Kangta, Shin Hyesung, Lee Jihoon 'S' makes first come back in 11 album on 27th




Project group S that is formed by Kangta, Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon will make their first comeback in 11 years.

On the 14th, according to Kangta’s agency SM Entertainment, S will release their new mini album “Autumn Breeze” on the 27th and return to the music industry with emotive ballads.

This album is a new album released by S 11 years after their first regular album, which was released in September 2003. Songs from S’s first regular album, like “I Swear” “Love Is”, “Just One Moment” were hits and received enthusiastic love from music fans. Even after, Kangta, Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon, known for being best friends all born in 1979, were active in various fields and so anticipation for their comeback is high.

SM representatives said, “This album is not only fully composed and written by Kangta, he was also in-charge of producing. You’ll be able to see the meeting of Kangta’s unique musical colors and the beautiful harmony of the trio to form emotive ballads, which will make the hearts of music fans flutter even more.”

S plans to have various activities after the release of their first mini album in 11 years, “Autumn Breeze”.

sr: Starnews
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This happens… but will never hate @shinhwacompany songs ♥

This happens… but will never hate @shinhwacompany songs ♥

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